Alexander McLeish from Attleboro, Massachusetts, had recently gone through open heart surgery and was recovering. According to the Washington Post, a friend of more than five decades came by to visit Alex and drop off a get well soon card. Inside were a few scratch tickets from Quickeez Beer, Wine and Convenience Store in Carver, MA.

Alex started working his way through the tickets and took out the “$5,000,000 100X Cashword” scratch ticket which is a $20 Massachusetts lottery ticket. When he scratched the “Your Letters” section of the ticket, the letters revealed his initials, A, W, M, the ticket also showed the word “Heart” at the bottom row. It turns out the card was more than just a spooky coincidence, it was worth $1 million dollars! Talk about a heart felt card! Do you see what I did there?

Nick Beres NC5 via Facebook
Nick Beres NC5 via Facebook

Luckily, the shock and excitement of winning didn't give Alexander another cardiac event. Alex told the Washington Post:

“I was calm and a little bit in disbelief,” he said. “I just made sure I was breathing through my nose and out my mouth. I didn’t want to test my heart too much.”

Based on his current age and state of health, Alex chose to take the lump sum which was $650,000 before taxes. He is going to give some of it to his two sons, he offered to buy his wife a new car but she declined. And OF COURSE he is going to give some to that faithful friend who bought him the winning ticket. Fun fact: this same friend bought him a $1,000 winning ticket a few years ago from the same convenience store. So if you're ever in Carver MA, make sure you pay a visit to Quickeez Beer, Wine and Convenience Store. I'm pretty sure it's good luck.

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