In the few days, a remarkable story has unfolded in eastern Maine that should inspire every family who has ever had a pet go missing to not give up hope. A dog, named Nellie, had gone missing from its home last November in the small town of Addison, Maine. On Thursday, Nellie was found and corralled by volunteers in Calais after more than six months living in the woods.

Shared on Facebook by Maine Lost Dog Recovery, the magnitude of Nellie's story is hard to fathom. Nellie went missing from her home in Addison last November. Over the last six months, Nellie spent much of the winter traveling more than 60 miles through the Maine wilderness to Calais. She had repeatedly been seen by witnesses in the Calais-area, and finally animal control officer Dave Townsend of Calais was able to corral Nellie and safely bring her to a shelter to be identified.

Nellie's family arrived at the shelter and were reunited with her after six months of wondering, hoping and praying. It's an incredible story of perseverance on Nellie's part. She's a Great Pyrenees cross, and her thick coat likely played a role in her being able the coldest nights of a harsh Maine winter. It's also a reminder to not give up on your lost pet.

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