Brothers Osborne put some soul in their songwriting on a new song called "Pushing Up Daises (Love Alive)."

It's about a love that never dies — the song's lead narrator vows that he and his companion are never "getting out of this love alive." Electric guitar adds a dose of power to an otherwise mellow song that shows off the gentler side of brothers John and TJ Osborne's voices.

"We'll go on until we're pushing up daises /  We'll grow old and wild and I'll still be calling you baby / We'll never get enough / We'll be living it up right down to the day we die," they sing together in the chorus.

Written by the brothers and Kendell Marvel, "Pushing Up Daisies" is a sweet love song about spending life with the one you love most, but it would have had an entirely different meaning had they pursued what John thought the song's original message should be. Marvel had pitched the idea of a song titled "We Ain't Getting Out of This Love Alive" that John assumed was about a warring couple who would ultimately end each other.

"[Marvel] goes, 'No, that's not it at all, it's that the relationship is so amazing that the only thing that can separate you is death," John tells the Boot"Pushing Up Daises (Love Alive)" follows the release of "Shoot Me Straight," a gritty, guitar-heavy song that serves as the first single off the duo's upcoming album Port Saint Joeset to drop on April 20.

Brothers Osborne will tour the country with longtime friend Dierks Bentley on his 2018 Mountain High Tour that kicks off May 17 in Maryland.

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