A 33-year-old man on probation for armed robbery has been arrested following a physical altercation with a Maine State Trooper Monday night on Fort Street in Mars Hill.

State Police responded to the area around  8:15 p.m. to investigate a report of an intoxicated runaway juvenile. Trooper Patrick Pescitelli stopped three people on Fort Street and confirmed the identity of the juvenile, according to a press release from Corp. Corey Hafford.

The trooper also identified one of the others as 33-year-old Mark Mullen of Blaine, who was on probation for an armed robbery in Presque Isle. Part of his conditions of probation was not to use or possess alcohol or drugs.

When the trooper attempted to administer a portable breathalyzer test, Mullen allegedly refused. Police say Mullen "became resistive" when Trooper Pescitelli attempted to arrest him. This led to a 3-minute physical altercation in the middle of the street, Corp. Hafford said.

The scuffle was eventually brought to an end with the assistance of Trooper Adam Stoutamyer. Mullen was arrested for a probation violation and refusing to submit to arrest. He was taken to the Aroostook County Jail.

Bridgewater First Responders and Crown Ambulance also were on scene.