What a great feeling to be spring and have your ATV out on the trail.

You’ve waited all winter and had fun on your snowmobile - but nothing is like the nice weather and going places on your all terrain vehicle.

The trails in Aroostook County are second to none and the wide open spaces are a marvel to look at. It really comes down to going anywhere you want when you want.

There are of course rules and regulations  that make riding safe and enjoyable for everyone. Following these ordinances is easy and doesn’t take anything away from the excitement - in fact it adds to the fun because everyone gets home safe and sound.

Read the state of Maine's rules and regulations for ATVs.

The Houlton Police Department have some important advisories on ATV riding. These rules and regulations are easy to follow and will make for a great season of cruising around this summer.

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Some examples of things to follow are no riding at night. It’s harder to see in the dark and harder to be seen. It’s for everyone’s safety. Some streets and roads are off limits in the town limits. This is respectful for the proper use of roadways. Also, keeping to the speed limit for ATVs off trail. On access roads, the speed limit is 10 MPH. 

There are more laws and guidelines to follow. See the Facebook post from the Houlton PD below for all the expectations.

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