Relief Checks Scam

Scammers are claiming to be the “Maine IRS” to try to get sensitive information from residents for their $850 relief checks. The Attorney General’s Office and the Maine Revenue Services are advising people not to give out their social security number, maiden name and other personal info.

Statement from the Maine Attorney General Office

Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey said: “Maine Revenue Services already has all the information it needs to issue these relief checks, so no one should need to share any information to collect this check. As always, do not share any identifying information with anyone demanding such information over the phone without independently confirming their identity.”

$850 Relief Checks Information

Governor Mills and the Maine State Legislature authorized the relief checks last month. Residents of the state are eligible based on “the 2021 Maine individual income tax return” and should start seeing the first round of checks by June 2022. The $850 relief checks will be mailed to Maine residents through the U.S. Mail to the addresses on the individual income tax return. Checks will be forwarded to addresses filed with the Post Office.

Resources for Identity Theft and Help Filing Taxes

If you think you are a victim of identity theft, or need more information, visit the Maine Attorney General's webpage at For help with filing your taxes with the state of Maine, low to middle class taxpayers can call 2-1-1.

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