Micmac Farms of Caribou has a partnership with the State of Maine's Soil & Water Conservation Districts to stock more Maine brook trout in the private ponds of landowners. 

In the fourth year of the partnership, Micmac Farms has raised 40,000 Maine brook trout for the Spring trout sales.  

Some of the many benefits to stocking man made ponds is biodiversity that gives landowners the ability to harvest their own food, provide recreational fishing, and catch and release among native brook trout. Conserving native fish is a priority and this effort encourages landowners with their own trout to release more fish into the wild in the ponds, lakes and streams in Maine.

The way it works is the trout are transported by truck from Caribou and are taken to the Spring Trout Sales. They are packaged in transportation boxes to go to landowners’ ponds. Micmac Farms said the “funds raised through this effort promote conservational programming about watershed preservation, land management, and invasive species education.”

Many of Maine’s water conservation districts are involved - nine out of 16 are participating this year. Micmac Farms' Manager David Macek says, "This partnership supports our farm's other food sovereignty work to provide wholesome produce and fresh fish to the families here in Northern Maine." 

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Micmac Farms was established in 2009 as a community garden with the Aroostook Band of Micmacs. Healthy and nutritious foods and chemical-free agriculture is their commitment. They are open all year with the goal of getting wholesome and fresh foods that are affordable to people in northern Maine.

Micmac Farms Trout Conservation

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