Congratulations to Arnold Martin for his retirement after 36 years serving with the Maine Forest Rangers.

What an accomplishment to represent the state of Maine for over three and a half decades. We all owe a debt of gratitude for the tireless hours he dedicated to keeping the Pine Tree State safe and in good hands.

Martin started his long career in northern Maine in Allagash as 4314. In a fitting tribute, he ended his work in Allagash too. 

The Maine Forest Rangers posted his send off video to their Facebook page and credited Martin for his much earned respect. The post went on to say the Rangers will miss his “common sense approach, calm demeanor, leadership, and ability to get the job done.”

The job the Maine Forest Rangers do day in and day out is something to aspire to. They are called to do the toughest jobs to keep our great state secure from fires and help so many in need. The people of Maine appreciate it. We just recently had an article about the rescue efforts of the Maine Forest Rangers to assist an injured hiker. This involves helicopters, tethers and ropes, first aid, medical care, hiking and expertise.

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Just today, Friday, September 3, 2021, the Maine Forest Rangers are taking care of a wildfire in T17 R4 WELS, east of Cross Lake (this story will be updated as information is made available).

Thanks Arnold Martin for your great service to Maine. Have an amazing retirement. You earned it.

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