Every year Maine sees a flood of tourists into the state who come here to visit all that Maine has to offer and to spend money. Tourism is one of Maine's largest industries.

It's always fun to hear wandering tourists ask about how to get to a certain town in Maine and totally screw up the pronunciation of that town. It's understandable for those towns that were derived from Native American languages and those named by French Explorers, but some just seem too obvious for those of us that live here.

With over 500 municipalities in the State of Maine, there are plenty to screw up. And let's be honest. Maine isn't the only state to have towns with names that are hard to pronounce. Have you ever tried to pronounce Aquebogue, New York? It only has 2,438 residents and they probably don't know how to pronounce it either.

You know all those toy maps that are handed out in tourist attractions like Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Bar Harbor and Rockland? They should dedicate four or five pages as a pronunciation guide for all of Maine's towns. Put it right before all those 10% off coupons for local businesses that you find in the back.

If you're a tourist looking to learn how to pronounce some of the towns in Maine you might visit, you've come to the right place as long as you didn't mind the ribbing I gave you earlier.

Here's a list of 10 towns in Maine that you may have corrected someone on when they totally botched their pronunciation.

10 Maine Towns Out-of-Staters Can't Pronounce Correctly

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