As winter weather arrives, CAA is reminding motorists that it’s best to proactively prepare for winter driving.

As just about everyone knows,"this is a time of year when roads can become dangerous quickly and without warning, but taking precautions ahead of time can help make conditions safer for everyone on the road,” says Gary Howard, Vice President of Communications for CAA (Atlantic). “To ensure the safety of everyone this winter, it is good practice for motorists to not only prepare themselves- the drivers- but also their vehicles.”

Preparing Your Vehicle:

 Make sure to get winter tires installed put A.S.A.P. as they reduce breaking distance on snowy and icy roads by 25 %

 Take your vehicle for a check-up to ensure that lights, brakes, etc. are in working order

 Get your battery tested. Don’t risk driving with a weak battery- your survival depends on it!

Preparing The Driver:

 When possible, avoid driving in treacherous conditions. If you must, make sure you have at least ½ tank of fuel

 Take an extra few minutes to clear the snow from your entire vehicle- see and be seen

 Pack a winter survival kit. CAA recommends keeping the following items in your trunk:

 Shovel

 Road Flares

 Extra Windshield washer fluid

 Emergency Food Pack (Including snacks and H2O)

 Sand/Kitty Litter

 First Aid Kit

 Waterproof Matches & candle(s)

 Ice Scraper and Brush

 Traction Mats

 Blanket

 Warm clothing, hat and mitts

 Reflective Vest

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