Do you know alternate routes? Share them with us - and please answer our question: What do you do if Route 1 is closed for a storm? We want to hear from you.

This video is aptly named, 'Fans of Summer Tires' because these people haven't spent a winter in Northern Maine and Western New Brumswick.

Hey, it's Trent Marshall. I'm one of the DJs at Big Country 96.9 - I've been in Presque Isle for about a year, but I'm originally from Portland.

I had never heard of this before, but last year, Route 1 was shut down due to a heavy storm. Not knowing any better, I went on the radio and advised people to take an alternate route. Guess what? There isn't an alternate route. (There are, of course, ways to get around. Tell us your best detours).

Uncle Fail/YouTube

But even if there is another way - are you going on that trek in a terrible storm? How far out of the way is it? Everybody else knows it too and that means another traffic jam.

In that case, are you ready to sit in your car on Route 1 until the road opens? Do you have enough fuel to keep the heat on? Water? Food? Who's with you - the family?

Two other broadcasters here have weighed in on being winter ready. Dick Palm from The Rock wrote an article - "Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready?"

And our newsman, Phil Shaw from Q96.1 shared a piece called - "Winter Driving Prep Tips For The Preoccupied, Procrastinating, Absentminded and Disorganized".

We want to hear back from you. What are your experiences in situations like this. Were you on Route 1 last year when they shut it down?

As you send us your comments, take a look at these crazy gifs. People are dangerous in hazardous situations.

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