CAA (Atlantic) is asking Atlantic Canadians to cast their vote for the region’s Worst Roads. The fifth annual Worst Roads campaign launches today and will run until April 17, 2015; every road in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador is eligible to be named a Worst Road.

“The purpose of our Worst Roads campaign is to highlight the number of dangerous road conditions in the region,” says Gary Howard, Vice President of Communications at CAA (Atlantic). Nearly 5,300 votes were cast in 2014 and each of the four Atlantic provinces had at least one road in the top ten.

Results will be tabulated after the campaign closes on April 17, after which CAA will publish a list of the top ten Worst Roads in Atlantic Canada, along with any available information on planned updates for each.

“Over the years we’ve watched communities rallying around Worst Roads and using it as an opportunity to bring attention to problematic roads in their region,” says Howard. “This campaign not only gives citizens a platform to bring attention to roads in need of repairs, it also gives governments a forum to share repair updates or maintenance plans with the public.”

Through its research CAA has determined that by the time you add up the costs of traffic congestion, repair costs, taxes and various other costs, a bad road could cost the average motorist up to $3,000 each year.

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