From the top of Mt Washington where we house two of our radio towers  (WHOM and The Peak), we bring you one of the coolest shots of the summer. This photo has everything...the Big Dipper, shooting stars, satellites, night hikers, temperature inversion (sounds scary), and airplanes. Wow.

From our friends at the Mt Washington Observatory:

Friday night, our night-shift meteorologist originally set his camera up to capture a time-lapse of the comet and the Big Dipper diving down but in the process, captured an unexpected bonus of the Northern Lights.  The “line” in the atmosphere above Berlin, BH (right) is due to a temperature inversion/a boundary layer.  The streaks of lights in the sky are satellites and planes but there are a few shooting stars present as well. The streaks or dots of lights (if you are viewing on a large enough screen) along the ridgelines of the north are night hikers (we spotted at least three in the clip)



Bonus shot! Here's another time-lapse shot. This time in the daylight with an awesome shot of clouds moving through.




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