The Daniel Cardillo Charitable Fund of the Maine Community Foundation donated $3,500 to Wintergreen Arts Center for summer arts camperships.

“This gift is so appreciated and timely,” said Dottie Hutchins, Wintergreen’s executive director.  “The Maine Community Foundation does amazing work in bringing non-profit organizations and donors with shared passions together.” 

Wintergreen Arts Center starts the 2021 Summer Arts Program June 28. There are three locations in Presque Isle. ‘Art with HeART is being held at 39 Davis Street. The program focuses on relationship-building summer arts and is free to all area youth, said Dottie Hutchins, Executive Director, Wintergreen Arts Center. The program is in partnership with the Presque Isle Housing Authority.

Wintergreen Arts Center also has a tuition-based visual and digital arts camp in partnership with the Presque Isle Recreation and Parks Department. The camp is being held at Wintergreen and the Sargent Family Community Center. Scholarships to the camp are available, said Hutchins.

“Thanks to the Maine Community Foundation and this gift we’ll be able to honor even more scholarship requests this year,” said Hutchins.  “When I read about Daniel Cardillo, the namesake and inspiration for the fund, I know in my heart our Wintergreen students are a perfect fit.”

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Wintergreen Arts Center is located in Presque Isle, Maine and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The center was started in 2006 with the goal of producing great things in the community with creativity and advocacy, according to Hutchins. Their mission is appreciation of the arts and to give the local community a place for a meaningful experience through innovation and creativity.

The Maine Community Foundation has its headquarters in Ellsworth, Maine with personnel in Mars Hill, Portland and Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. The foundation’s goal is to improve the quality of life for people in Maine. This is done through providing partners and donors local expertise, strategic giving and personalized service, according to a press release from the dottie Hutchins, Executive Director at Wintergreen Arts Center. You can get more information on the Maine Community Foundation on their home page.

PHOTO: 8-year-old Nikki Dyer enjoys making crafts at Art with HeART, a unique relationship-building summer arts program in partnership with the Presque Isle Housing Authority

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