Monday's Sun

Monday has plenty of sunshine with temps reaching around 50. The wind will be strong but not like what we’ll see on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s Snow, Rain and Sleet

Looks like Tuesday will bring some rain, sleet and snow to parts of Aroostook County, Maine. Heavy winds will also be a factor in the forecast with gusts up to as much as 32 mph.

Driving Conditions

Most of the mixed precipitation will happen in the morning. This could make for some slippery driving during the commute. There won’t be a lot of accumulation as the day progresses, but the rain will sustain into the evening. Temps will be near 43.

Weather Maps

Take a look at the precipitation maps. They cover both rainfall and snow amounts in northern Maine the surrounding region.

Total Snow Accumulation in Aroostook County

The U.S. National Weather Service in Caribou said we could see about 1 to 2 inches from Houlton north to Van Buren. Areas around Madawaska and Fort Kent could get as much as 2 to 3 inches total snowfall.

US National Weather Service
US National Weather Service

Total Rain Accumulation in Aroostook County

Houlton will see the most rain with over half an inch while Presque Isle to the north will get close to half an inch. See the map below.

US National Weather Service
US National Weather Service

Wednesday’s Rain

The wet conditions will continue through the night Tuesday into Wednesday morning. Snow is in the outlook until 8 a.m. with rain showers following. The wind will calm down and be breezy with occasional gusts up to 20 mph. The high will be close to 47.

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Clearing Up for the Week

The rest of the week looks clear with a chance here and there of some rain, but no more snow and sleet.

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