We got some great photos of Willie Nelson from 2007 - the same year he came to Presque Isle to play the Forum. We thought people would like to see what he looked like back then. (See the gallery below).

Also the pictures give you a sense of what size shows he was playing that year. You’ll see that he was getting in front of very big crowds.

Willie's Classic Look

Willie had his classic look in 2007 with the bandanna and the sleeveless shirts. He also had very, very long hair 14 years ago. You’ll see he always plays his famous guitar Trigger.

The Forum in Presque isle

Read our post about one of our colleagues going to the show and having front row seats.

We also found out some additional info about the show at the Forum in September, 2007. Apparently, Willie had to initially cancel because he had carpal tunnel surgery. Good thing he was able to make it later. Also, readers confirmed it was Merle Haggard and Ray Price who played with Willie in Star City. What a show.

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Big Names at the Forum

We are planning some more articles about the Forum and the many big names who played there over the years. We’re talking about Kenny Rogers and more. There’s not always a lot of info available, but we get feedback and hear from people who went or know a little bit about it.

If you have any info you want to share about any show you attended at the Forum, let us know in the Facebook comments.

Enjoy the gallery of Willie in 2007. The same year he came to Presque Isle, Maine.

Willie Nelson on Tour in 2007 when he came to Presque Isle, Maine

Willie Nelson came to the Forum in Presque Isle, Maine in 2007. It was his last time playing the Star City.

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