What's Going on with the Signs in Presque Isle?

First you have the big spray painted signs at the top of the hill saying “Yard Sale. Come Inside” (with a phone number). We tried to go inside and it was locked with the lights out. Didn’t look like anyone was there. What we did see is a bunch of plates, restaurant supplies, and stuff like that on tables. Is that the yard sale? Has anyone been inside to see?

Is the Outside Table Part of the Yard Sale?

Outside the front door is a table with food trays and bowls, tea cups and utensils. Is that part of the yard sale too? We might be interested in those cool tea cups you only get at a restaurant.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Misspelled Sign

The sign has a major misspelling. Do you see it? It took us awhile.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Random Sandwich Board on Route 1

Then there’s a sign that was out on Route 1 near North Street in Presque Isle. Either this sign is just one dollar ($1.00) or this sign is way more than that, going for a cool $100. For a dollar, it’s a deal. For $100, it’s too expensive.


Getting the Photo Was Not Easy

This was a little tricky getting a photo of this sign. It’s right on Route 1 and it’s busy (as we all know).

You see these sandwich board signs everywhere. Restaurants, bars and shops put up all kinds of funny messages. You see it all over social media. Some sign wars have been waged before. You just don’t see one on Route 1 in front of a residential area in Presque Isle.


We'll keep looking for signs that randomly pop in Star City. Let us know if you see any. You never know, maybe we'll find something we like.

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