Poll on the Old Burger King Location in Presque Isle

It’s been awhile since we had any type of restaurant or fast food at the old Burger king location in Presque Isle. We would all like to see something good go in there to bring another option to the area. But what do we want to see?

Take a look at the different choices in the poll. You can add a name if one doesn’t fit your criteria.

Many types of Food Options to Consider

We have a lot of variety already, but the more the merrier. Maybe a name we all know that sells burgers or chicken. How about a place specializing in ice cream or donuts? What about a new Mexican food restaurant or Chinese food?

It’s always good to have more choices when it comes to pizza and sandwiches. Coffee is also a good option.

Local Business First

A local business owner could make good use of the location and space. That could be a real boost to the economy and do well.

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Big List of Names

Keep in mind with the poll, these are businesses we would like to see. As far as we know, none of the places you can vote on have made any moves to come to the Star City. 

Also, some of these franchises are not necessarily in Maine yet - but that would be awesome if they were.


We'll post the results of the poll after everyone has a chance to look at the choices and make their pick.

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