The King of Horror

It’s so awesome Stephen King is a Mainer. It’s such a badge of honor. He is truly the best writer of our generation. And by far, the most amazing horror author of all time.

Not only are his books gripping and compelling, but many have become some of the biggest and best movies.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Great Movies from Great Books

A great deal of the films are done right here in Maine. What an honor. It brings the stories home - literally.

Everyone has their favorites. The ones that stick closest to the original story are the ones that leave a lasting impression.

Many of his films come to mind around this time of year, around Halloween - even if they have nothing to do with it. It’s the suspense and horror that we equate to ghosts and the supernatural.

Donald Bowers/Getty Images For Fox Atomic
Donald Bowers/Getty Images For Fox Atomic

Top 10 Grossing Films

Here’s the top 10 list of the top-grossing Stephen King movies of all time. It’s not necessarily the movie you think of as the best, but these had big massive ticket sales when released. 

Some of the classics are lower in the order not because of how good they are, but more on how and in what era they were released. The more recent movies have bigger box office sales because they are more widely distributed and social media gets the word out much more expansively.

Enjoy the clips as they serve up some really spooky plots and twists. Match the movies with your own list and see how they compare. Plus, take a look at the galleries below - all related to the King of Horror.

10 - Secret Window

Released in 2004, the movie made $48,022,900 domestically in theaters. Worldwide, it grossed $92,913,171.

9 - The Dark Tower

When the movie hit the theaters in 2017 it made $50,701,325 domestically. Across the globe the box office totaled $113,231,078.

8 - Stand by Me

 The classic Stephen King film made was released in 1986 and made $52,287,414 in the U.S. Worldwide, it earned $52,287,414.

7 - Pet Sematary

 The remake of the original opened in 2019. The gross domestically was $54,724,696. It went on to make $113,118,226 across the globe.

6 - Pet Sematary

 The movie came out in 1989 and took in $57,469,467.

5 - Misery

 Misery hit the theaters in 1990 and grossed $61,276,872.

4 - 1408

After debuting in 2007, the domestic take was $71,985,628. It went on to earn $132,963,417 worldwide.

3 - The Green Mile

 The movie opened in 1999 and took in a domestic box office total of $136,801,374. The international release totaled $286,801,374

2 - It Chapter Two

 A huge box office when it opened in the states in 2019, reaching $211,593,228. The earnings jumped to $473,093,228 when it went global.

1 - IT

The 2017 debut made $327,481,748. Worldwide, it made $700,381,748.

See the full list of Stephen King and what they made.

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