The cost of electricity is going way up

There’s talk of an 80% increase in our bills. Here are some easy ways to save you on your electric bill.

Everyday Tips

The site Direct Energy has some really good tips and so does Parade. These are practical things we can do today. You probably already do a good job of conserving energy. With a little fine tuning, maybe we can reduce our costs even more.

Assistance Programs

There are some programs available at ACAP also has many options for people who need help and assistance with energy prices and housing (they have other programs available too).

Efficiency Maine

There are additional resources to help with electric bills, housing and more. Efficiency Maine has several programs to help you get through some of the most expensive months of the year. These plans are especially helpful with the increases in bills we will see over the next year. There’s information and links to save money on lighting, appliances, insulation, heating, including water heater and heat pumps).

Versant Power

Versant Power also has a Low Income Assistance Program to help customers through the winter and cold season.

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Simple Tips

These resources and some of the ways you can reduce your costs can help keep you current on your bills and keep the overall costs down as much as possible.

Remember to dress warm and turn things off when not in use. Maximize your heating in any given area of your home, and look for places to cut down on wasted energy, fuel and electricity.

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