Have you ever wondered how they get the recycled items out of the igloos in Presque Isle, Maine? 

On your way to work or around town in the Star City - as you pass by the recycling igloos on Riverside street - have you ever seen the crane lift and dump the recycled items?

We were talking about the process at work, wondering if it was more like a garbage truck that dumped the recycled items out of the bins. One of us had seen what we thought was a crane doing the lifting. We weren’t sure if it was sort of like a backhoe. It’s not.

We got some pictures of the process in action. As you can see, the crane arm is an extension on a truck. It moved pretty fast and was stable without swaying too much. What we saw looked pretty quick and efficient. The items being removed landed in the bed and didn’t fall over the sides.

Categorize this as something that catches your eye when driving by - a glimpse of something you don’t see everyday.

We recently published an article about how the recycling area in Presque Isle works. There’s a mailbox there that gives instructions from the Aroostook Waste Solutions. Do you recycle most of your items? Does seeing how it gets dumped help you understand part of the process?

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We appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping the area clear of debris. There’s a lot more that happens after the clean up on site. It’s good to see everyone in our beautiful city doing so much recycling. Sometimes you’ll see someone has left a bag or mattress propped up against the igloos, but most of the time it’s good.

Share your thoughts on our Facebook. We’d love to hear about how you recycle or if you have any photos of the process.

Recycling with a Crane Arm in Presque Isle, Maine

Presque isle Recycling Igloos

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