The much-anticipated MMG Insurance Intern video was released yesterday and this year's production is very well done. MMG's home office offers an incredible and in-depth internship for area students who may be interested in joining the company full-time after they complete college. The summer program exposes the interns to the work environment, systems, and industry as they get set to begin their careers.  

This year's video follows the four interns Emily, Jacob, Owen, and Collin as they receive challenges they must complete. The part I really enjoyed about the production from this year is the way they portrayed closing the generational gap that can exist in work places. TikTok and other forms of social media are becoming major tools in any company's toolbox, and those can be intimidating to take on for many people. It is great to see a local company take an active role in understanding and developing the future workforce of our area.  

An internship program is still the most effective way to break into an industry a young person may be interested in pursuing. There are many benefits in the short-term and long-term that can come from a well-run internship. I applaud the team at MMG for the lighthearted content that we need more of today. For more information on the MMG internship program you can click here and you can like their Facebook page here

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When you are done the video, come back and let us know about your first job or internship. Did you find that your internship was beneficial?


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