Two Maine men were seriously injured in a three-vehicle crash Monday night in Peru, Maine.

Two Maine Men With Serious Injuries After Crash

The Oxford County Sheriff’s Office said the driver of one of the vehicles in the accident, 57-year-old Kenneth Roy from Greene, and his passenger, 54-year-old Robert Winson of South Portland sustained serious injuries.

Oxford County Sheriff's Office
Oxford County Sheriff's Office

Three Vehicles Collided Monday Evening on Route 108

The multi-vehicle crash happened on Route 108 around 5 pm on Monday evening. A Toyota pickup truck and a Ford F-150 hit head-on. Roy and Winsor were in the Toyota pickup. A Volkswagen Jetta was also involved in the collision.

Oxford County Sheriff's Office
Oxford County Sheriff's Office

Two Men Taken to the Hospital after Crash

Roy and Winson were taken to the hospital for treatment. Roy is listed in stable condition as of Tuesday, January 17. Windsor was listed in critical condition, according to WGME News.

No one else in the other vehicles was hurt in the crash.

Oxford County Sheriff's Office
Oxford County Sheriff's Office
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