A Russian couple that tied the knot dressed as brides says they were forced to use the back door of a registry office in Moscow because of their country’s intolerance towards nontraditional unions.

The marriage of 21-year-old Alison Brux and 23-year-old Dimitry Kozhuhov is not Russia's first gay wedding, although some are calling it that.

Dimitry, who prefers to be called Alina Davis, describes himself as 'androgyne', someone who is unable to fit neatly into either gender role, according to the Daily Mail.



The groom is legally a man and the young couple had a certificate allowing them to marry. But officials at the registry office refused to welcome the two 'brides' through the front door and quickly ushered them in through the back entrance.

The couple was given the documents to sign, along with a lecture on the shame they were bringing to the concept of family.  'Finally, they let in the guests, and a film crew, and they declared us husband and wife, and we exchanged rings,’ said the groom.


Mr. and Mrs. Kozhuhov hope to have ‘at least two’ children.