Residents at a trailer park in Easton were awoken last night to a trailer-truck tearing through the park and knocking out electricity. Thankfully there were no major injuries to report. But how did this happen? 

The trailer park is densely populated and sits along route 10 in Easton which is a heavily traveled road. That route has extra traffic right now because of the potato harvest and many use Rt 10 to access the McCain's plant in Easton. The truck was traveling north off of the Richardson Rd towards Rt 10. Thank you to residents for providing some of the information and pictures.  

Looking at Richardson Rd and RT 10 JC
Richardson Rd. This is the view the driver had before he drove through the stop sign and to the trailer park

According to witnesses and residents, the truck blew through the stop sign at the end of the Richardson Rd and continued into the trailer park before coming to a stop. As you can tell from some of the pictures, several trailers were narrowly missed and the tone of this article would have been much different.  

Crews replaced the pole that was run down and restored power JC

First responders and Emera Maine had crews on the scene to repair the lines and put up a new pole. Witnesses say that the driver claimed they became distracted by an animal as they approached the end of Richardson Rd. I am somewhat familiar with this area, while this is possible, I'm not sure that is what really happened. This is a very busy time of year and those of us who are working are being pushed to the max to cover for those not returning to work. 

The driver just missed driving into this unit. Close Call. JC

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I am happy that a few hours without power was all the residents from the trailer park had to deal with. This incident could have been much worse and serves as a reminder to always be alert and to also make sure you are fully rested when you get behind the wheel.

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