Here's the latest weekly report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, based in Houlton:

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Oct. 27 - Trooper Darcy responded to a tractor trailer crash on I-95 in Island Falls. The operator was distracted, looked up and was driving into the median. The tractor trailer had to be towed due to disabling damage. Trooper Flynn arrived on scene and conducted a commercial vehicle inspection. Trooper Flynn observed that the truck’s gas tank was submerged in mud and was leaking gas. DOT and DEP arrived on scene. It took over 10 Hours for the scene to be completely cleared. More details here.

Oct. 28 - Trooper Sylvia responded to a well-being check in Stacyville. An individual stopped at a Game Warden’s house reporting a male at the end of the Siberia Road in Stacyville was acting strange and talking about killing himself. The individual obtained a plate number for the subject and was found to be out of Portland. Portland PD was contacted and reported that they have had several dealings with the individual including suicidal threats. The subject was not located anywhere in the area and an attempt to locate was put out to check the well being of the subject if located.

Oct. 28 – Trooper Doody responded to the Northern Lighthouse for an out of control 10 year old female. The female had bitten and assaulted employees before Trooper Doody’s arrival. The juvenile was already in an ambulance when Trooper Doody arrived. The juvenile was transported to TAMC for an evaluation.

Oct. 31 - Troopers Saucier and Marquis taught an intoxilyzer re-certification class consisting of Troopers, Wardens and Municipal Officers. They also evaluated a new instructor during the class.

Oct. 31 - Trooper Monahan responded to residence in Bridgewater after male subject called reporting female was refusing to leave the residence. After arrival, Trooper Monahan determined the female was on bail and probation and subsequently arrested the female for violation of her bail conditions (alcohol consumption and address change)

Oct. 28 thru Oct. 31 – Troop F Troopers assisted DHHS with 24 hour details in Fort Kent.

Nov. 1 - Trooper Hafford responded to the Long Lake SportingClub to remove a 26 yo male who was intoxicated and disorderly. Trooper Hafford arrived and arrested the male for assault and disorderly conduct. The male subject had gone into his car and started to remove a shotgun when a group of patrons took the weapon and held him down until Trooper Hafford arrived.

Maine State Police

Nov. 1 - Trooper Bell responded to a single vehicle crash in Sherman. The vehicle rolled over and two male occupants were seen running from the scene. Trooper Bell and Sgt. Fuller located the male driver and male passenger in Sherman, and the passenger appeared badly injured. After investigation, it was discovered that the driver and passenger had been drinking alcohol and the driver was impaired. The passenger was transported to Houlton Regional Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Trooper Bell charged the driver with OUI.

Nov. 2 – Heavy snow and high winds kept Troopers busy during the first significant snowfall of the season. Section 2 responded to 27 separate crashes during the day shift.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.