Here is the latest weekly incident report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, headquartered in Houlton:

Maine State Police

August 16 – Trooper Bell investigated a motor vehicle burglary in Cary Plantation. Multiple motor vehicle burglaries have occurred in Hodgdon and Cary Plantation as of late. Investigation is ongoing.

August 17 – Tr. Endre was called out to Patten for an unattended death investigation. The 71-year-old man was found by his spouse and had a lengthy history of medical problems which he was under a doctor’s care. The death was not determined to be suspicious.

August 17 – Tr. Marquis responded to Woodland for a report of a male being disruptive and his parents wanted him removed. Tr. Marquis arrested the 20-year-old man for violation of bail for being intoxicated.

August 18 – Tr. Casavant charged a 37-year-old Presque Isle woman with OAS and two counts of having children unsecured in safety seats after a personal injury crash she was involved in where she and the children were injured.

August 19 – Tr. Lilley took a report of an assault between two women one claimed to have been pushed by the other and was reporting this as an assault. The woman at the ER claimed to have a broken foot. Tr. Lilley interviewed all parties involved and witnesses who claim the assault never happened. The woman fell down the steps and was being treated at the ER for a bi-polar condition. No prosecution.

August 19 – Tr. Levesque and K9 Vitz were called to Van Buren to assist with a missing person at the Borderview Rehabilitation Facility. The male was confined to a power wheelchair and was angry with the staff and asked to go outside just after midnight. The male took off in the wheelchair and the staff could not locate him on the grounds. K9 Vitz tracked a complete circle around the facility and it was later found out that a staff member circled the building multiple times to attempt to find missing male. The male was found on a dirt road by a Border Patrol Agent a short time after the track started.

August 19 – Tr. Sucy stopped a MV for littering and asked for consent to search. The 17-year-old operator consented to the search. The vehicle was being borrowed from a friend. Sucy located a prescription bottle in the door pocket with identified pills in the container. Sucy contacted the Poison Control Center and learned that the pills were Tylenol with Codeine. Sucy contacted the juvenile’s mother who responded to the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

August 20 - Tr. Levesque was called to a residence in Mapleton for a female that had entered the residence through the garage and was throwing things around the house. Tr. Levesque and Sgt. Clark arrived and took the female into custody who was being held down by the homeowners. The female was having a mental breakdown and was special needs; Tr. Leveque called for an ambulance that transported the female to the emergency dept. at TAMC. The homeowners were friends of the family and did not want to press any charges but wanted the woman told not to return.

August 20 – Tr. Lilley responded to a 911 hang up call in the town of Patten. Tr. Lilley learned when he arrived that there had been an argument between the homeowner’s and their 30-year-old son. The father will threaten to call the police if their son does not calm down but the mother did so and hung up. The son agreed to go for a walk and cool off. There were no assaults.

August 20 – Tr. Levesque responded to a residence in Mapleton for a neighborhood/harassment complaint. Tr. Levesque arrived and learned that the residence did not have running water and the woman was carrying water from the river to use the toilet. Tr. Levesque made a referral to DHHS.

August 21 – Tr. Darcy investigated a burglary in Patten. As a result of the investigation, it was determined three juveniles under the age of 10 went into the house to cause a mess of the property. The victim does not wish to press charges and will be working with the parents for restitution.

August 22– Tr. Darcy is investigating a shoplifting case at Jerry’s Thriftway in Island Falls. A male was caught on camera stealing medicine. It is unknown who the male it at this point, however Tpr. Darcy has a photo of the male and his vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

August 22 – Troopers Michaud and Stoutamyer responded to a residence in the town of Easton as a 41-year-old female who was staying with another female friend in a nearby apartment building, felt that she and her husband were being chased by a man with a large knife who had just cut the throat of, and killed a boy at a nearby boarding house. The female ran to the residence and believed that her husband had made it into the house, and she was locked out as the man approached. She attempted to break in to avoid being killed, and was so scared she defecated in her shorts. The problem was there was no man, no dead boy, no boarding house, and when Tr. Stoutamyer called her husband he was asleep in their apartment in Presque Isle. He told me that she has been “delusional” lately and said he would pay for the damage to the door. She agreed to go to the hospital to be evaluated; the homeowners don’t want to press charges for the damaged door. Her friend who is a substance abuse counselor said that she only had a couple of beers, and took no medications or any illegal substances.

August 22 – Tr. Sucy worked on locating a man who was not keeping his address current on the sex offender registry. Tr. Sucy spoke with an individual who the offender had been staying with, and the address that is on the registry and the man said that the offender has not lived there in over a month. Tr. Bell spoke with the offender at the beginning of the month, on a different matter, at a different address. Once the offender knew that Tr. Sucy was looking for him he came to the Troop F barracks. Tr. Sucy summoned the offender for failure to comply with the sex offender registry.

August 22 – Troopers from Troop F conducted OUI checkpoints in the towns of Presque Isle and Easton, with 160 motorists passing through the two locations. Fifteen operators were determined to have been drinking and performed sobriety tests, of those two were arrested for OUI.

August 23 – Tr. Bell received information that a male, recently arrested for domestic violence assault, had contacted the female victim via social media; a violation of the male’s bail conditions. Tr. Bell spotted the male driving and followed him to his house. Investigation showed that the male had been drinking, which was another violation of his bail. The male was arrested for violating conditions of release, and after a breath test, was charged with criminal OUI. Tr. Darcy assisted with the investigation.

August 23 – Tr. Levesque and K9 Vitz were called to assist Caribou PD with a hit and run where the operator of the vehicle had hid the car behind a potato house and took off on foot. Vitz tracked from the car to another potato house where all the doors were open and the building was cleared. The track continued to a corn field for a short period. Vitz made a turn into a person’s back yard and continued to track across the street, down a field road, through a hay field into an ATV trail. Vitz tracked down the ATV trail for over a mile before losing the scent at an intersection of a field road and the ATV trail. Caribou PD located the male a few hours later at a family member’s house. When questioned about where he went he admitted to going through all of the fields and stated that once on the ATV trail he went down to the riverbed and waited for a few hours.

August 23 – Troopers Bell and Darcy investigated an accidental gunshot wound to a male’s leg. The man was attempting to disassemble a loaded .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun and shot himself in the knee with a hollow point round. The bullet entered and exited the man’s leg after traveling below his kneecap. The man was transported to Eastern Maine Medical Center with injuries that were not life threatening.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.