John F. Kennedy campaigned in Presque Isle in September, 1960. Here's the historical footage. JFK later held a news conference in Portland and talked about the County. We have both events on video right here.

JFK's visit to Presque Isle was just two months before the election. In the archives at the John F. Kennedy Library, the speech is called the 'Airport Rally' This is what he said to get the County vote:

Working together in this county. Planting as you do in the Spring...and taking your chances on what happens in the fall. Living in the center of the defense structure in the United States."

Talking about Loring Air Force Base, Kennedy said:

This area was one of the the three top targets of the Soviet Union in the case of another war. Living in an old section of the United States, but still in a new frontier."

Kennedy and Richard Nixon ran for President in 1960. It was an extremely close race. Maine voted for Nixon.

We have a follow-up post coming soon where we feature Kennedy's visit to Orono just a month before Dallas.