Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, have opened their home to cameras for a tour of their daughters' rooms. In a video interview with People, the star shares the decorating style of both Willa Gray and newborn Ada James' rooms.

First stop? Toddler Willa Gray's room. It's thoughtfully decorated — enough so that Rhett admits he gets a little jealous. “I wish my room looked this cool when I was a child,” he admits. The almost 2-year-old's room features a mini piano and a canopy donned in lights, plus a lot of animals.

Rhett also recently added glow-in-the-dark stars and a moon to Willa Gray's ceiling. "She really is obsessed with stars," he shares. "And she loves books. She doesn't really have a favorite. She just likes to look at the pages. She can't even really get through one reading."

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Next up is a nursery intended for the couple's newborn daughter Ada James, who was born in August. As Lauren shares, some of the items in the room have sentimental value.

"There are a few things that we have in here ... we have a framed picture of how we told our family we were pregnant. We make-shifted a little sign in Africa," she says, showing a picture of Willa Gray in a Big Sister shirt. The couple made the sign from colored pencils they bought at a gas station. "We had limited resources on how we were going to tell our families," Lauren admits.

"I love coming into this room because it's so happy. All the little pictures and the boats floating. [The boats were made by] little kids in Haiti. That was the first mission trip I went on with 147 and 147 is how I met Willa Gray. She's got the unicorns and bunnies. Willa Gray has more of the elephants and giraffes," she says.

As Rhett shared recently, Willa Gray has adapted well to becoming a big sister — she's even a big protective of baby Ada and "is just turning into an amazing big sister."

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