Troy is on a hunting trip this week so Mark and his friggin cousin Luke cover The Uncle Henry's.


According to the 'Welcome to Maine' boys, Uncle Henry's is the most important piece of literature to evah' come from Maine. You might notice that Troy is gone. No worries, cousin Luke is up to the task to dissect Uncle Henry's.

Even though Mark, Troy and Cousin Luke are obvious doofuses, but it's hard not to learn something from these videos.

For instance, Did you know that Uncle Henry was founded by Henry Faller from New Jersey who moved to Rockland, Maine? The Uncle Henry has been printed in Augusta since 1969 and comes out weekly on Thursdays. It only costs 2 dollars.

Uncle Henry's was the inspiration for the TV reality 'Down East Dickering'. It's a Maine staple, just like the 'Welcome to Maine' series.

Mark and Troy (and now Cousin Luke) have been all over the State of Maine. Every 'episode' is those two goofing around, yet you leave knowing something about Maine you didn't know before!

Inside scoop: Troy and Mark are actually Portland comics James Theberge and Ian Stuart. Wicked pissah!

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