Over the course of my cooking career there have been, of course, some ingredients that I have been asked to leave out of dishes. I usually happily comply and make an effort to remember for the next time we have them over.My brother doesn't care for cucumbers so they have been banished from my macaroni salad. However, I have not been able to fathom why someone would ask me to leave out cilantro! This is the most polarizing herb! You love it or hate it. I call it the patchouli of the herb garden. I know we have foods we would rather not eat, but I have seen very extreme reactions to my favorite herb, cilantro. Well actually my favorite herb is Herb Ivy, but cilantro is a close second. How could someone think that it tastes like soap?! I went investigating and discovered that it is the aldehyde that is turning them off! Some poor people possess a gene that makes them extremely sensitive to it and creates an aversion. I feel so bad for them! I will start a list on a stick-it note inside a kitchen cabinet of friends and family that do not care for cilantro and I will not invite them for honey-bourbon salmon and cilantro lime rice. To make this recipe even better, squish up a very ripe banana and add it to the rice as it's cooking!

Here's how to make delicious cilantro lime rice!

This will be dinner tonight.

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