We've got more posts and pictures from the Fair! The Ladies Pavilion, The Man Cave, Townsquare Media, Fireman Fred and the Miss Northern Maine Fair Pageant. Share yours with us!

The Ladies Pavilion: Check out the awesome circus theme - and they have a nice Facebook page too:

Man Cave: The Northern Maine Fair added all kinds of cool stuff to checkout in the forum:

Big Country 96.9 Live: Every day from 2 - 5pm. The gallery below has pictures of our tent, broadcast gear and more:

Fireman Fred: He was on the air with us Monday and he's got his own show in the Music Hall:

Miss Northern Maine Fair Pageant: They have their own Facebook page too. You'll see them at the fair every day:

Get a schedule and see what's happening - they're everywhere in town, at the Fair and online. Get more info at NorthernMaineFairgrounds.com.

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