The Northern Maine Fair Association posted a great note to Facebook talking about the events and activities scheduled this year for 2021.

Fun, food and community

The line that stands out is “We hope that you will join us for fun, food and community.” That says it all. Community is the whole reason we go. Of course the food, but we do that with our family, friends and neighbors too. Being together at the Northern Maine Fair will  get us back to normal better and sooner.

The note also addresses some of the disappointment people feel the fair can’t bring back all the things we love. We all understand the long term planning to make it all happen. The post goes on to say how it was only a few months ago when we were unsure if Maine would allow events like the fair. Booking and scheduling things like all the rides and entertainment is difficult with that type of uncertainty.

If you know anyone bummed out about the fair, just tell them to support this year so next year we can get back to the mega-fair we all love so much.

Things to do at the fair

There is so much to do this year at the Northern Maine Fair including the car show “Rods, Rides and Relics”, Truck and Tractor Pull, Demolition derby, Lil’ Farmers, ag exhibition and activities, livestock, lumberjacks, free children’s carnival games, live music, free monster truck rides, crafts and so much more. 

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Read the announcement & See the full schedule

We’ll see you at the fair. Come out and enjoy the “fun, food and community” Thursday, August 5 - Sunday, August 8.

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