We wanted to update our pictures from Green’s. We didn’t have much information on the store when we first posted it and asked if anyone knew anything about it. We also wondered if anyone had shopped there when it was Green’s.

We got some feedback on Facebook, but wanted even more information about this historical spot in downtown Presque Isle, Maine.

If you were around the area in 1959, you may have seen the store before it closed after 49 years in business. It all started as far back as 1910 when Harry Green opened the department store, according to mainememory.net (Read more about Green’s and visit this great site with more history on Presque Isle and the state of Maine).

The store caught on fire in 1912, just a few years after it started operating. It was rebuilt in 1914. This time they used bricks to make the structure really strong.

We got pictures of the sign painted on the bricks when construction was going on back in the summer of 2021. It was cool to see the original art. We’re not sure of when it was painted, but our research shows Eddie Green (Harry’s son) took over the department store in 1952.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The building looks great now. It’s been upgraded with siding that adds a lot to downtown Presque Isle. Many people know Dana Cassidy who bought the building in 1988.

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