When is the Trash and Treasure event?

Get ready to sell and buy at the Trash and Treasure event at the Forum in Presque Isle, Saturday May 1st and Sunday, May 2nd.

The banner says “Anything you have to sell” and it’s true. When you go to the event, you never know what you’re going to find.

You might be looking for something someone has had for years and they want to get rid of it. Maybe a tool you need, crafts, toys for the kids, and a lot of stuff to rimage through to find the one thing you want.

Contact info

If you have some things you want to put up for sale, you can reach out to organizers at  the phone number 764-0491.A 10x10 sales space is going for $75.

The time of the event is different each day. Hours on Saturday, May 1 are from 9 to 5 pm and Sunday, May 2 are 10 am to 4 pm.  

Admission is free to come and look around. It’s billed as “one of the biggest indoor garage sales” and there’s plenty of things for sale.

You can mention in a comment things you are selling and looking to buy. Get a head start on finding some treasures.

What are the guidelines?

Make sure to follow all guidelines and directives to keep everyone comfortable and safe over the weekend.

Check out more activities and events going on with the Presque Isle Recreation and Parks Facebook page.

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