Aroostook Centre Mall was Busy

Over the weekend, we heard someone say, “What’s going on at the Aroostook Centre Mall?” They were shopping at Lowe’s from out of town and did not know the big events taking place.

Big Events at the Mall

The Festival of Trees and the Craft Fair were the big attractions this weekend in Presque Isle. It was a great idea to have it in the mall to help support local businesses and draw in the crowds. This all ties in with the Parade of Lights Saturday night on Main Street in Star City.

It was really good to see all the people make it out to the Aroostook Centre Mall this weekend. The parking lot was packed and there were a lot of people inside shopping and taking it all in. We would love to see it like that all the time. 

Great Potential

The potential is certainly there to see the mall busy like this. What other events and activities could happen at the mall to bring in the people? We would all love to see that. Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Gallery Below

Outside, we took a bunch of photos of the parking lot with almost every space taken. Inside, there were lines in the food court and the and shops were busy. (See the gallery below). You saw families enjoying themselves and couples walking and looking tor Christmas gifts.

Festival of Trees & Craft Fair

Thanks to the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce for a very successful Craft Fair.

We also saw how many people were loving the Festival of Trees. A big shout-out to all the organizers from St. Apollonia Dental Clinic who put in a lot of hours to make it happen.

We hope you had a chance to get out and be a part of these holiday activities. We’re looking forward to more big attractions like this in the future.

See the Gallery

Take a look at the packed parking lot, the Craft Fair and inside the Aroostook Centre Mall. Plus, photos from the Festival of Trees.

Aroostook Centre Mall was Packed for the Festival of Trees & Craft Fair

Festival of Trees, Presque Isle, Maine 2021

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