It’s always fun to look back at the past and see how far we’ve come.

We came across a video of Presque Isle, Maine that does just that. In fact it goes way back. The date and years were not given, but you can guess the timeframes by some of the images. 

It’s a classic video to watch. Here are some of the highlights:

Maine Street in Presque Isle is featured in many of the shots. 

The old Sears on South Main Street is shown.

You see the Northeastland from way back in the day.

J.J. Newberry - looks like from the ‘50’s.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle is in one of the frames.

The old RCA Music Shop sign advertises Radios & Records.

The Philco Buick dealership on South Main Street is in the video.

There are a lot of clips of the Presque Isle Train Station with cars from the Aroostook Valley RailRoad.

You see Green’s clothing and shoe store on the corner of Main and State.

Many of the churches in town are seen, including the First Baptist, Catholic and Methodist churches.

The old bridge over the Presque Isle Stream.

The Oak Apartments.

The Exchange Hotel.

The Opera House and Hotel.

It’s interesting to note that there used to be parking in the center of Main street as well as on the sides. There are scenes of the barrels during harvest with horses and sleds.

Enjoy the video and look for more flashbacks from different towns in the area.

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