Superhero Days at Fort Knox is back for another year!

Fort Knox, Maine
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What is Superhero Day at Fort Knox, Maine? It is an annual event put on by Friends of Fort Knox. Friends of Fort Knox is a nonprofit organization that helps preserve the 180-year-old fort along the coast of Prospect, Maine.

Superhero Day is One of Several Events Put on to Help Fort Knox, Maine

Superhero Day at Fort Knox
Katie Sproul/TSM Bangor Sales Queen

One of the annual events Friends of Fort Knox hosts at the fort is Superhero Day on Saturday, June 29th from 10am until 4pm. The event is to introduce younger generations to this historic site and state park, and also continue to raise money to help enhance and preserve the first fort made entirely with granite between the years 1844 and 1869.

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Who Can Participate in Superhero Day at Fort Knox, Maine?

Superhero Day at Fort Knox
Katie Sproul/TSM Bangor Sales Queen

While it is encouraged that activities are best to be enjoyed for 11 and under superheroes, everyone is invited to join in the festivities and dress as their favorite villain or hero. Please remember that true heroes have superpowers and don't bring weapons or dangerous props to this event.

What Can Be Expected at Superhero Day at Fort Knox, Maine?

Real life superheroes like local EMS units, a firetruck, and a K9 unit will be on site. The event is free, but entrance into Fort Knox remains the same. Entrance fees for Maine adult residents is $4.50 and kids 5 to 11-years-old are $2.50. 

There will be games and prizes and plenty of photo opportunities to capture of your kids ... I mean ... superheroes ... while they learn about one of Maine's most historic sites. See you Saturday, June 29th!

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