The East Millinocket Police Department said a 22-year-old Millinocket man was arrested and charged early Saturday morning for stealing a vehicle (Theft by Unauthorized Use of Property and Operating After Suspension).

The report said Officer Jesse Gee was on Cedar Street when he saw a car running in a residential driveway with someone standing there. Gee pulled into a parking lot of a local business and noticed the car drive out of the driveway.

Police said when the driver saw Officer Gee’s patrol car, the car turned onto a dead end street. Gee followed the car and watched it pull into a driveway. As he was attempting to view who was in the car, he got a report of a stolen vehicle from Cedar Street.

The driver, 22-year-old Zachary Reynolds from Millinocket, was detained. The East Millinocket Police said Reynolds “was adamant that he had permission to have the vehicle.” The owner arrived on the scene and said “no one had permission to take his vehicle.”

Zachary Reynolds is charged with Theft by Unauthorized Use of Property and Operating After Suspension.

The East Millinocket Police Department maintains their Facebook on a regular basis with news and stories from the area. You can link to it here and save it in your favorites.

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