Police are investigating after a truck loaded with porta-potties was found on the side of Fairfield Street Thursday morning in Oakland, Maine.

Man Who Reported Theft is the Suspect

A man who reported the stolen truck and toilets is considered the suspect, according to the Oakland Police Department. His name was not released.

Police: “First Stolen Porta-Potty Truck”

Sgt. Tracey Frost of the Oakland Police Department said "In 29 years of being a police officer, this is my first stolen porta-potty truck," according to News Center Maine.

Waste System Company Owns the Truck and Porta-Potties

Casella Waste Systems owns the truck and the porta-potties. Police said there was no damage to the truck or toilets.

Road Closed During Police Response

Fairfield Street was closed for about a half hour Thursday morning. It has reopened to traffic.

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