PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Several Maine jails have used naloxone at least half a dozen times to reverse drug overdoses.

A 2017 state law allows Maine corrections officers to administer naloxone. Previously, police officers, but not jail guards, could use the drug-overdosing medication.

Three county jails told the AP they haven't yet trained all corrections officers to use naloxone.

Penobscot County Sheriff Sheriff Troy Morton said he supported the law because not all Maine correctional facilities have 24-hour medical staffing.

The law survived a veto from Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who argued for counties to invest in medical services at jails.

Last year, 418 Mainers died from drug overdoses, an 11 percent increase from 2016. Nationwide, deaths from drug-alcohol intoxication increased from 72 deaths in 2013 to 90 deaths in 2014.

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