We love them for their music, and should Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney or any of the other country hunks on this list lose their form, our opinion wouldn't change one bit. That said, a glance at country music's most famous men shirtless provides a nice reward for years of fan loyalty — it's like a surprise Christmas bonus from the boss. There's nothing wrong with indulging in life's slightly lurid distractions, right?

Every artist on this list peeled off their T-shirt and posed for the camera. There are no surprise paparazzi shots to be found, only 10 men who deserve to be proud of their figures. A few are hairy, a few are smooth. Many are chiseled, while a few more closely resemble the average Joe you always thought they were. Enjoy these pictures of shirtless country men, ladies. Sorry, fellas, there will never be a list of shirtless country women for you to enjoy. We gotta keep it PG.

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