Earlier, we shared unsafe foods we should avoid sharing with our 4-legged friends during those summer BBQs regardless of how adorably persistent that they are.

Friends Celebrating 4th Of July Holiday With Backyard Party


What foods CAN we share with our dogs during say our 4th of July BBQ or any similar summer outing? Here is what a few experts have to recommend.

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dog with carrot
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Safe Foods to Share with Our Maine Dogs at the BBQ

1.) CARROTS! And is there anything more soothing to listen to than a dog chomping on carrots? ASMR anyone?

2.) Cucumbers! These are 96% water (didn't know that), so in addition for dogs, they are also great for hydrating their human friends, too (especially the ones over-consuming alcohol).

Pile of fresh cucumbers with one cut open

3.) Bananas are a great fruit to share with your dog, however, keep in mind that they are also high in sugar if you still want Rover to fit in that bikini for the pool party.

4.) Mangos are good for dogs? Yes! They are high in fiber and great to share during a summer picnic or BBQ. Not the mango flavored White Claw (see above for unsafe foods - alcohol is on the list).


5.) Boneless poultry is GREAT for dogs (unsalted). They need their protein after all! Just make sure your dog isn't allergic, and some families serve chicken to their dogs as their meals.

6.) Are you grilling fish? You can share with your dog! Be mindful of which ingredients you used and share the least oily one if you did use a type of cooking oil. Their stomachs will thank you later ... and so will your carpet.

7.) Lean meats can be shared! Fatty pieces can lead to pancreatitis, but overall, you can share small pieces with your furry friends.

Just like for humans, anything good for your dog can turn bad quickly if not shared in moderation. Please don't take this article as expert advice but more as a friendly reminder. Here is some further reading on which foods are safe and unsafe for your pets!

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