The latest on closed roads due, weather + social media posts from local areas with pictures and advisements:


Fort Fairfield: The Currier Rd. is now open, said FFPD

Presque Isle: Henderson Rd. in the area of Phair Junction closed.

Washburn: Gardner Creek Road & parts of Parsons Road are closed.

Ashland: Sheridan Rd. closed.

Blaine: Kinney Rd. & Gillen Rd. closed. Caution on Pierce Rd.

Mapleton: Hughes Rd. closed.

Aroostook County Sheriff's Office:


Washburn Town Manager, Donna Turner shared photos from Washburn Reserve Officer Corey Douglas Larlee:

Caribou PD shared a Facebook post of Grimes Rd. flooding:

Town of Wallagrass offers flood assistance:

The Town of Fort Kent advised the public on sump pump usage:

Crown of Maine has photos and video of northern Maine flooding:

Aroostook County Flood Watch has updates & pictures (click on the comments link in the Facebook post to see photos):

The Aroostook County Emergency Management posted a warning to motorists + the latest flooding info:

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