The Presque Isle Police Department said a Presque Isle Utilities District vehicle was stolen from Main Street in Presque Isle Thursday evening, May 20, 2021. 

The information was posted on Facebook with an update that said the blue F-350 has been recovered.

The type of vehicle stolen is like the one in the photo above and below. Information was not released about how the utilities vehicle was stolen or found. 

Police said the operator is still at large, and are asking the public to contact them if you have any potential information regarding the theft. There was no info on the suspect or suspects who committed the crime.

Contact the Presque Isle Police department at 764-4476 if you have any info on the theft.

You can read some of the comments below on the Facebook post from the Presque Isle Police. You can follow them on Facebook at PIPD said the opinions and comments on the site are not necessarily the views of the department or the city of Presque Isle.

You can also follow the Presque Isle Police  on Twitter at

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PIPD is located at 43 North Street in the City of Presque isle. The Chief of Police is  Laurie Kelly. The City Manager of Presque Isle is Martin Puckett.

This story will be updated when information becomes available. The article is published with the details of the theft as known at the time of publication. The purpose is to get the notice out to the public to assist in finding the person or persons who stole the Presque Isle utilities vehicle.

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