We have it all in the County, but we could use a good Mexican food truck, chain or locally owned restaurant in Presque Isle. The possibilities are endless.

Food Truck - A Mexican food truck is a great idea. Set up at the park on weekdays. Visit local businesses at lunch time - we'd love it at the radio station. Or, pick a popular location and you'll have a line of people down the street. Delicious food you can't get anywhere else sells itself.

Portland has at least one good Mexican food truck:

Chain vs Local – A locally owned place is the best option, but Maine has good chain restaurants like Margaritas, Chiplotle, South of the Border & even Taco Bell. Do we want something brand new or one of these places? More than one eatery is good too. Presque Isle can support both a chain and a locally owned place.

Margaritas in Orono is so popular and has been there for years

Favorite Mexican Food – How about fish tacos? Maine has the freshest seafood - something new like a lobster burrito or shrimp taco is a great idea. Aroostook County potatoes in a breakfast burrito is a winner. The list of favorite foods is endless. We love burritos, tacos, chimichangas, enchiladas, guacamole, sour cream.

It’s always nice when there’s salsa, chips & a margarita on the table. (Below) Miguel's in Bangor:

We have great restaurants in Presque isle. Many serve good Mexican food, but we want a place that specializes in it. It's good for socializing and it's good for our economy. Plus, a burrito sounds pretty awesome right now.

Presque isle has so much to offer. Springs on the way (Below):

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