GALLERY: Out of state power crews getting their assignments Wednesday morning at the York weigh station, off the Maine Turnpike. Twenty minutes after this photo was taken, the parking lot was empty as the crews were off to trouble spots in southern Maine. Crews from IL are on the way and among the states already here are OH, NC, WV, IN and KY. Another 25 to 30 out of state crews are headed our way.  Canada has also sent a number of crews south. (Second Photo): A noon time photo at the York weigh station off the Maine Turnpike of the crews getting their assignments. 

Decent weather is helping CMP and Emera make good progress on utility repairs, said Stephen McCausland, Public Safety Spokesman. Maine crews are exclusively replacing the 568 utility poles that were damaged.

McCausland advises not to speak to line crews as they are busy working. The Public Safety Spokesman also said these are items of concern (below):

Trouble items:

Many Amtrak and Pam Am railroad crossings are still without power, thus no signals or crossing gates at those sites and motorists need to cross those tracks cautiously .

Spotty cell phone and internet  coverage in many areas, even where power has been restored.  These are likely localized issues with the cell and internet companies, or generators that power their towers or systems. 

Reports of residents clearing downed trees with power lines still running through them.  So far, no injuries, but extremely dangerous, especially since power is being restored are a rapid rate.

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