Pond Hockey Fun

Pond hockey is one of the funniest winter activities. You get outside and go to a beautiful place on a nice day to breathe in the fresh air. To make the day even better, it helps if you know what to bring with you. 

Things to Bring

If you grew up skating, you probably have a hockey bag with all the stuff you need like skates and pucks. You definitely need a stick too (bring an extra one if you have it in case one breaks in a rut).

More Things to Bring

There are a few other items to make it even more enjoyable like water, extra pucks, a goal of some kind, and other people.

What to Do

Make sure the ice is safe first. When you get on the ice, you'll want to pick teams, keep the puck down, and figure out who plays where.

See the Gallery

In the gallery below, we have some additional ideas on what to bring, and also some things to do when out on the ice.

Pond Hockey: Things to Bring & Things To Do

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