On December 12, 2016, City Council voted to end the “Pay as You Throw” Program (PAYT). It will be ending as of April 1, 2017.  This means that the last PAYT pick-ups in Mapleton, Chapman, Castle Hill and Presque Isle will be the final week of March. 


The City recognizes that residents will have questions and concerns about this new way to dispose of household trash.  You may call Public Services at 760-2712 or visit the City of Presque Isle website for FAQs.

Residents of those communities who currently use the PAYT system will have two options for trash pick-up.  First, the resident can hire a waste hauler to pick up trash at the resident’s expense.  The second option is for the resident to haul trash to the landfill at the resident’s expense.  No permit will be needed to use the landfill, although there will be fees involved to dispose of the trash – by the bag or by weight.  To learn more about the rules and fees associated with the landfill, you may call Public Services at 760-2712 or visit the City of Presque Isle website landfill and permit rules and fees.

These changes will require some advance planning on the part of residents.  In addition to deciding on the method for trash disposal, residents should also plan the use of their remaining PAYT bags.  The City will not reimburse residents for unused PAYT bags.  Orange bags will no longer be required once the PAYT system ends.  Residents should determine how many they will use between now and the end of March and try to buy accordingly.  Blue bags will continue to be used for recycling with private waste haulers.  Recyclables may be dropped off at the landfill recycling center at no cost.

It is important to note that the payment for trash disposal at the landfill is required at the time of service.  The landfill does not accept credit or debit cards, but does accept cash and checks.

The Division of Solid Waste strives to meet the current and future needs of its citizens by providing cost-effective handling of the solid waste generated by the residents of Presque Isle and neighboring communities. Handling of the City's solid waste is performed in an environmentally friendly manner to include landfill disposal, recycling, composting, and the reduction of toxics in the waste stream.

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