In July, country rockers Parmalee released "Be Alright," their first bit of new music since their 2017 album 27861. So, does the new tune mean more new music -- perhaps even a full album -- is on the horizon?

"Do they still make those? I'm not sure," the band jokes when asked about the likelihood of a forthcoming full-length project. "I'm wondering about that. I mean, we're constantly writing and recording songs, but the way they come out -- who knows. We've got about three albums worth of material right now, at least. So, we could put one out."

However, the group isn't concerned with what form their next batch of music takes as much as they care about simply getting new tunes into fans' hands. "Whether it's an EP or an album or whatever, I think you just gotta keep giving people music," Parmalee go on to say, adding that they suspect their listeners might even prefer getting new songs in bite-sized pieces.

"I may be wrong, but I think they'd just rather have songs that they can hear more often than have to worry about waiting on a big project," they explain. "If we recorded a great song, I feel like we should put it out for people. Why hold on to wait for a project to be finished?"

Like a lot of country fans, Parmalee's members all grew up during a time when albums were, with the exception of the radio, the most popular and straightforward way to listen to music. They all recall the excitement of finally getting their hands on a long-awaited new record from one of their favorite artists. Still, they know that that's no longer the relationship a lot of country music fans have with the songs they love.

"We're a playlist world now, that's where we're at," the group says, adding that they don't yearn for the good old days of music consumption -- though they're glad they got to have the experience of being artists -- or fans -- during that era. "[It's not that I feel sad about albums being less popular than they were, but] I feel sad for the people who didn't go through the old times, who didn't get to put the single 45 out. You don't even have to do that anymore."

Still, Parmalee add, just because fans don't have to doesn't mean that none of them do. "If you have a real fan, they're probably gonna dig in deeper than just the hits on the radio," the group points out.

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